Told#2 Recap


What are the odds that Told’s second show would go better than its first? Triple our initial audience mingled before the show at Market Garden Brewery – a true Ohio City success story – many people gamely betting on whose story would be told, or trying to get their one friend with the great story to put her name in the cup. In the end, we would hear from six Clevelanders, each with a unique take on the theme “What are the odds?”

Buttressed by strong stories from our featured speakers Thom Huggins and Sunny Nixon, who reminded us that nurses are (sometimes homicidal) people, too; and that what happens around closing time at Lava Lounge does not always stay within the confines of Tremont proper, the audience stories named dropped Bono, Len Barker, and Jack Dorsey. We heard poignant tales of a dad beating the odds by finally doing something commonplace, and of a beloved cat who folded on a fated weekend.

In the end, interesting storytellers and a friendly audience made the odds of having a successful night very high.

Jack Ricchiuto took the stage near the end of Told#2 to announce Told: Storycraft, a new endeavor in storytelling workshops. Check out our page on Storycraft to get the details on our free first workshop.


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