Told#3 Recap


In Told’s current home in the basement of Ohio City’s Market Garden Brewery, we congregated to hear stories centered around “Home, Sweet, Home.” Some were about physical homes and how they can come to define us.

Featured speaker Cindy Reagan added to everyone’s personal dictionary by explaining the term ‘company perfect.’ Evidently, squirrels have no concept of keeping one’s house in tip-top condition for possible drop-ins; thankfully, there are helpful men like Exterminator Steve available.

An audience member shared a story of thanks that her parents provided her a home that supported her ‘weird’ side. Other stories were about the homes we make. From strong faith communities to a rowing house in the Flats, what we call home changes throughout our lives, but each home stays with us forever. Their importance sometimes commemorated by Eleanor Roosevelt or with a chicken’s foot.

Afif Ghannoum closed out the night with a raucous story about self-inflicted in-flight medical emergencies, nude beaches, and weather so nice, it could make a Clevelander think twice. The merriment gave way to the sentiment that his home is wherever his wife and child are, and that he hopes that place is always in Cleveland.

Told could not agree more. Here’s to July 8th, 7pm, at Market Garden Brewery for Told#4. We hope you all feel at home with us to tell your story…


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