Told#4: Foreign Territory


You won’t have to travel far to hear stories of unfamiliar lands at Told#4 on Tuesday, July 8 at 7pm. We will again return to Market Garden Brewery‘s Ohio City Room, which we will open up at 6 before the show.

Our theme of “Foreign Territory” can be taken many ways. Does it remind you of studying abroad in Belgium? Doing Peace Corps in Mali? Meeting your in-laws for the first time? It could be your new job, your evolved old stomping grounds, or the realization of a new perspective on life. Who doesn’t have a story of being a stranger in a strange land?

Our featured storytellers for Told#4 will be Tony nominated actor and CLE native Rory O’Malley and Sarah Wilson-Jones, superbarista and CEO of Phoenix Coffee Company.

All audience members are welcome (but not required) to prepare a story on the theme and put their name in the bucket for a chance to tell their tales. Stories should be under 6 minutes, true, and have yourself as the central character. Run through your story for a friend, a pet, or a Told staff member for extra practice. Check out our page on storytelling advice for more.

RSVP on Facebook or in the comments below.


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