Told#4 Recap


After errant fire sprinklers doused our home in the Ohio City Room at Market Garden Brewery, we found ourselves in thematically-appropriate foreign territory upstairs. Featured speaker Sarah Wilson-Jones introduced us to her particular brand of magical thinking, while audience members regaled us with stories of the universality of forensic DNA and messing with teachers, twin-style.

Whether getting lost (for various reasons) in foreign countries, or getting lost in the joy of running, each audience member’s story explored the other-worldly feeling of being on foreign ground. Featured speaker Rory O’Malley closed the night with a rousing, tear-inducing origin tale that brought him to Ireland and end as a love letter to Cleveland.

Our favorite tweets and photos from the night can be found below or in this Storify. Scene’s Emanuel Wallace also covered the night and their photos are here.

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