Told#6: Gifted


No wrapping paper, no gift receipts, and no last minute shopping necessary for the exchange planned for Told#6 at 7pm on Monday, December 15. We will return to Market Garden Brewery and the Harbor Room / Spirits Bar, which we will open up at 6 before the show.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? The worst? Ever given the ‘perfect’ gift only to later see it at the recipient’s garage sale? Has it taken you awhile to recognize that a gift had been given to you? Has a gift’s meaning changed over time? In the spirit of the season, and in honor of every box shaken for hints of its contents, Told#6 presents (get it?) Gifted.

Our featured storytellers for Told#6 are local musician Maura Rogers (Maura Rogers and the Bellows) and veteran educator Ed Nolan.

All audience members are welcome (but not required) to prepare a story on the theme and put their names in the bucket for a chance to tell their tales. Stories should be under 6 minutes, true, and have yourself as the central character. Run through your story for a friend, a pet, or a Told staff member for extra practice. Check out our page on storytelling advice for more.

RSVP on Facebook or in the comments below.


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