Told in Residence at the Hingetown Hygge


Told will head outdoors for 3 special events to celebrate community and stories this February. For 3 Sundays, we will host storytelling shows at the Hingetown Hygge on February 8, 15, and 22. We will be outside in the Transformer Station parking lot next to a glowing fire as we share stories of neighborhoods. The Hygges start at 5, and the storytelling with start at 5:30.

With a theme of Won’t you be my neighbor? you can expect to hear stories of community and camaraderie. You’re likely to hear stories of the occasional difficult neighbor, but also about communities coming together in expected and unexpected ways.

We will feature 3-4 storytellers at each Hygge. In addition, there will be an opportunity for 1 or 2 audience stories, so come ready if you have a good one.

All audience members are welcome (but not required) to prepare a story on the theme and put their names in the bucket for a chance to tell their tales. Stories should be under 6 minutes, true, and have yourself as the central character. Run through your story for a friend, a pet, or a Told staff member for extra practice. Check out our page on storytelling advice for more.

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