Told #13: Follow Your Heart


Regardless of whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day, you’ll want to join us on February 10th at 7pm for our 13th evening of storytelling, which will center around the theme Follow Your Heart. After a successful trip to the east side, we will be returning to Market Garden Brewery and the Harbor/Spirits room, which we will open up at 6pm before the show.


The heart can be a fickle creature but following it can often bring you immense joy and happiness. Sometimes you gain new adventures in undiscovered cities, a lifetime of happiness nestled in the safe cocoon of adoration. But just as often, following your heart means protecting it, leaving lovers and jobs behind as you leap blindly into the great unknown. From stories of blossoming love to travels down roads best left untaken, we hope you’ll follow your own heart and join us for Told #13: Follow Your Heart.

Our featured storytellers for Told #13 are married couple Amanda Hicken and Matt Heyman. As always, we expect to hear many stories from audience members. This will also be the debut of previous Told storyteller Jill Grunenwald in her new role as co-producer and host.

All audience members are welcome (but not required) to prepare a story on the theme and put their names in the bucket for a chance to tell their tales. Stories should be under 6 minutes, true, and have yourself as a central character. Run through your story for a friend, a pet, or a Told staff member for extra practice. Check out our page on storytelling advice for more.  Let us know if you want to toss your name in, though advanced noticed is not required.

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