Hunger: A Storytelling Show


Satisfy your appetite for a good story on April 12th at 7pm. We will gather at Packy Malley’s on Waterloo in Collinwood to support the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Everyone has cravings. Whether they are for Girl Scout cookies or a meaningful existence, cravings represent gaps in our hearts, both tiny and huge. The least fortunate find that without basic hunger satisfied, it’s a challenge to work on the big picture, to satisfy existential cravings, to dream big. Stories about every kind of hunger—from an empty stomach to satiating the soul—will be on tap at Hunger: A Storytelling Show.

Our featured storytellers for this show are TBA.

A $10 suggested donation at the door will benefit the Greater Cleveland Food Bank’s Harvest for Hunger campaign.

All audience members are welcome (but not required) to prepare a story on the theme and put their names in the bucket for a chance to tell their tales. Stories should be under 6 minutes, true, and have yourself as a central character. Run through your story for a friend, a pet, or a Told staff member for extra practice. Check out our page on storytelling advice for more. Let us know if you want to toss your name in, though advanced noticed is not required.


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